look it’s my cat

Ebony Radio | 17 | He/They | AroAce | Genderfaun | Catgender | Bilingual |

Hello! You can call me Ebony or Radio, and I’m a hobbyist digital artist and beginner 2D animator! I mostly draw cats (mainly from the Warriors Book Series), but occasionally draw Pokemon. I’m also [obviously] a cat person and I play percussion in Band!

I’m half white, and half white or maybe not, it’s something historians have argued about for years but I do look white so I still have white privilege so yeah shrugs

If you ever need me to tag any triggers, let me know! If you want me to privately answer an ask put // at the end of you message.

Please don’t vent to me if I don’t know you. I don’t know what to say at all, and it will make me upset. However, positive vents are definitely allowed even if I don’t know you! It’ll likely make me happier too!

Also! Please let me know if I ever reblog from anyone problematic! I don’t know all, and I don’t want to support anything bad.

look it’s my cat

Do Not Interact If

  • Transphobic/TERF/Transmed

  • MAP / NOMAP / Proshipper / “Anti Anti” / Zoophile

  • This includes if you ship TigerFire, Giomis, IvyHawk, or Jonadio. You are gross stay away.

  • Alador (toh) stans

  • Ship bullies with their victims

  • Homophobic

  • Bi/Pan/Aro/Ace Exclusionist

  • Think same gender attraction is the only qualification for being LGBT, and exclude ace/aro and/or straight trans people.

  • Believe that pride is inherently sexual and that children should never show up to pride

  • Against The Usage of the word Queer

  • Anti Sex Work

  • “Pro Life”/Anti Choice

  • Racist/Disagree With BLM/Disagree With ACAB

  • Support the “toothpaste mlm” flag

  • Believe in Bi/Pan Lesbians

  • Against He/Him or They/Them Lesbians

  • You headcanon canonical aro/ace characters as another sexuality. (Ex. Mousefur)

  • Anti MOGAI

  • Anti neopronouns

  • Unironically use “y’xll.”

  • Antisemitic or islamophobic

  • Zionist

  • Ableist

  • Demonize cluster b disorders

  • Anti self diagnosis

  • Believe Endogenic Systems exist

  • Don’t support polyamory

  • Draw NSFW of children’s media

  • You have a hatred for cats (I don’t care if you just don’t like them)

  • You have been banned from any servers I’m in

  • Think “dumb” “stupid” and “idiot” are slurs

  • You hate the McElroys

  • Make “gaslighting” and “triggered” jokes and/or use them out of their usual context.

  • Defend/support NFT/Crypto Art

  • Alt Right / Trump Supporter

  • If you think hate on someone for something they did years ago

  • You think cancel culture is real and equate someone pointing out something offensive to harassment.

Also DNI if you support/defend any of these people

  • Draikinator

  • Kouma/Snailbelly/Grubble

  • LupisVulpus

  • Miracide

  • Goatpaste

  • Hajnarus

  • Herzsplater

  • Famicom

  • ProJared

  • Jontron

  • Pewdiepie or anyone that associates with him (ex. Markiplier, Dream)

  • Lark Black

  • Cosmodore

  • Kalvan Garrah

  • @/dare-i-say-asexual

  • Maltose Cat

  • Demi M0n


  • Otta Lits

  • Cushfuddled

  • Avalon / Roselin Productions

  • Tennelle Flowers

  • Anyone else associated with Star Cat Studio

  • Crowmatose

  • Marquarida

  • 64png

  • Anyone at @/just-antithings

  • Dream or literally anyone in the SMP (if you’re my friend you can stay but please be educated on why they’re bad)

look it’s my cat


This is just a list of things to tag for me. You can still follow me if you post these things as long as you tag them.

Some of these may be things that just bother me, but others are genuine triggers for me. Please be respectful of these.

Catch all tag is #ebony dni or “ebony look away” or “ebony don’t look”

  • Table flipping

  • Destruction of toys and plushies

  • MCR / My Chemical Romance

  • Emo Fashion and the word emo (emo hair is okay)

  • Centipedes

  • Toys that appear to be realistic

  • Hate of Needletail, Bluestar, or Dovewing

  • Hate of Travis McElroy

  • BrambleSquirrel Discourse (tag as #bramblesquirrel disc or #mk disc)

  • Dream SMP

  • Warriors Drama

  • Maltose Cat and her friends / fans

  • The word green if it’s capitalized

  • The phrase “that sounds like a you problem”

  • The Squirrelflight Genderbend video

  • Sleekwhisker Circus Map

On another note: Please, if we’re friends and you mention not liking any of my other friends please tag that and avoid talking about it with me. It’s a huge trigger for me to see my friends upset at each other. The only exception is if they’re genuinely bad.


look it’s my cat

Note: I kin as both as a coping mechanism and also just for fun. I do not care at all about “doubles” and I do not want to get into kin drama.

I also don’t care if you don’t like these characters, but please tag any hate of them.

look it’s my cat

Needletail (Warriors)

look it’s my cat

Dovewing (Warriors)

look it’s my cat

Amanda O’Neill (Little Witch Academia)

look it’s my cat

Ryan Akagi - Infinity Train

look it’s my cat

Chihiro Fujisaki - Danganronpa

look it’s my cat

Bede - Pokemon

look it’s my cat

Hajime Tanaka - Odd Taxi

Comfort Characters

Trucy Wright - Ace Attorney
Squirrelflight - Warriors
Crowfeather - Warriors
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu - Danganronpa
Josuke Higashikata - JJBA
Robert E.O. Speedwagon - JJBA

Before You Follow

There are some things that I won’t tag. Here they are:

  • The word queer

  • Healed scars

  • Physical disabilities

  • Food

Please read and respect this and my DNI. Please note that I am aroace, trans and nonbinary, and a very strong anti (as in “anti shipper”).

I have BPD and ADHD, so please be patient with me. I may outburst sometimes so please be respectful when talking to me.

I am also very anti mspec lesbian/gay because they are very homophobic/lesbophobic/biphobic. DO NOT compare me to exclusionists over this. I’m aroace and it triggers me majorly to be compared to my oppressors. I am not an exclusionist. I’ve gotten anon hate about this, so please read the carrd below: